Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Philosophy.com has moved

At long last. Stage two of the renovations have been completed. Philosophy.com has moved from Blogger to Moveable Type.

Its new address is Philosophy.com

Do come and visit when you have a moment. The new look wewblog kicks of with a piece on trust, terror and politicians.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Rob is back
blogorrhoea is back from vacation and Rob has come up with some very fine postings. Nice solid length, very meaty. Take a look.

Rob is taking the weblog in a new direction----the emphasis is on content. It is a move away from the journalist-inspired weblog structured around whats current in the media flows. That style, the quick grap, the witty biting comment and the link, is popular with readers, but it is not appropriate for other kinds of material that are in need of a longer blog.

He is not the only one. There are others. A sample.
Myirony.com is another cross over---it has a good posting on the posssibilities of world government by chutney.

And Mindfloss has some solid postings on political philosophy and the intellectual roots of anti-Americanism.

And Jim Ryan at Philosoblog has some longish postings on conservatism based on a review of several books by John Kekes.

There are solid explorations of moral philsophy and abortion at Calvinist Libertarians

There is a solid article on America and empire on the collective blog Innocents Abroad. The article by Collin May is the first of 3 parts.

Need I go on? I have made my point?

A different form of weblog is developing. It is one based around an educated public, informed understandings and a critical perspective. As Jim Ryan observes ''the quality of inquiry is high in the blogosphere. Most physical campuses are the doldrums by comparison."

I can only affirm that.

Rob is leading the way in developing this new form in Australia. Its cutting edge.